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Premadonna Braddick, MA., LPC-candidate is a prime example of overcoming less than desirable circumstances. She was born and raised in the foster care system in Oakland, California from age two to eighteen. She spent the early years of her life dealing with depression, low self-esteem, and a poor self-image. Despite this, she was surrounded by mentors who offered guidance, wisdom, and inspired her to pursue her purpose in life, and therefore understands the importance of mentor-ship.  Instead of using her past as an excuse, Premadonna turned her obstacles into stepping stones to achieve her own goals, and help other young women and teenage girls do the same.

Through the love and support of those around her, Premadonna resolved not to allow past challenges to dictate her future or hinder her from achieving her life goals. She gained the confidence to compete in the Miss California pageant, and complete her educational goals. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Communication with a Minor in Theatre of Arts from San Jose State University. She is also an alumni of Oral Roberts University of Oklahoma, where she earned two Master’s of Arts Degrees in Marriage/Family Therapy and Christian Counseling. She’s a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Kappa Phi Beta Honor Society.  Mrs. Braddick has appeared on Tulsa TBN Praise the Lord, and several other community radio and television talk shows.

Reaching teens and women is a passion as it is what helped her to finish college and go on to create Soaring Eagles Youth and Family Services Inc. Soaring Eagles Youth and Family Services is a nonprofit and their mission is to help individual and families re-write their stories to help them live a self-sufficient, holistic, and rewarding life. Her organization addresses troubled teens and family issues with counseling, mentorship, an Annual Girls’ Teen Summits, follow up, health and fitness workshops, and community service.  She currently works as a Behavioral Health Counselor specializing in crises counseling, depression, anger-management, and marriage counseling.

Helping others renew their minds and adjust their thinking is one of several ways that this passionate woman encourages others to keep going, no matter what. Leading by example, her goal is empower teen girls and women to enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life. Her motto that drives her is “When you have a set-back don’t take a step-back because God is already preparing your come back!”

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