"Real Life, Real Talk Series"

“We’re HERE, We CARE., and We’re Most Definitely There For You!!” 

Our monthly gatherings for TEEN GIRLS will address healthy relationships, character building, self awareness, self-esteem, and spiritual development. Each month there will be a specific topic and special guest speakers! There will also be door prizes, community resources and monthly surprises held at the Tulsa Dream Center. 

Girls Mentorship Program

Weekly Girls meeting at McLain High School for 8th, 9th, & 10th grade girls format is like the Real Life, Real talk series. There will be monthly topics, guest speakers and small breakout groups.



Our Services


  • Provide academic help and tutoring
  • Provide college and career exploration assistance
  • Provide emotional support
  • Provide social experiences



The summit is a two day workshop and panel discussion where teenage girls are given an opportunity to listen to speakers on topics most relevant to young ladies today. The entire day is designed to pour into the young ladies while simultaneously breaking down the walls they've built.

Some of the topics that will be addressed include healthy relationships, skills in addressing bullying, health and fitness, resilience, domestic violence and human traffic awareness, the importance of education and career development, etiquette, financial literacy, and much more. Our vision is that young ladies in our program will rise above adversity, inspire, and educate the community on issues that young ladies face in their lives..

Soaring Eagles, Inc believes that by taking time out with the teen girls now, we can help them avoid making bad decisions later.

Soaring Eagles Youth & Family Services, Inc.
             "A New Chapter In Your Life"

Especially for Girls

Boys Mentorship Program
Weekly Boys meeting at McLain High School for 9 & 10th grade boys using Toastmasters and Be A Mentor Formats. There are weekly group and individual awards. New group begins every 6 weeks.


Why Counseling?
When the stress of everyday life becomes overwhelming, where will you and your family go for help?

Soaring Eagles Youth and Family Services believes that children, teens, adults and families need tools to manage their day to day life. We partner with trained counselors that offer support and intervention, that teach life-skills, empower individuals, and help  families navigate life’s challenges.


Girls Teen Summit
Did you know Oklahoma is the number one place for   incarcerated women, leaving many children without a maternal influence in their lives. Some 132 women out of every 100,000 are behind bars -- almost double the national average. The traditional leader of the home is  absent, leaving many children devoid of counsel, angry with authority figures, and confused about many things in life.